Christmas Gift Guide: Economic Academic Style

I love love love Christmas. I love the decorations, the cookies and the excuse to wear cherry-red 24/7 for an entire month. I love wearing red for Christmas, but I hate being in the red when it comes to holiday shopping. Christmas is supposed to be about love and holiday cheer, but many have a blue Christmas as the credit card statements come rolling in. This year I am budgeting $25 tops per person. Seeing as I only have four family members and my friends and I do Pollyanna, this should not be a budget busting Christmas for me. So how do you give a great gift without spending a ton of dough? It’s super easy if you just know where to look! Here are a few of my favorite frugal gift finds/suggestions! (Believe me there is more coming so be sure to watch out in the next few weeks!)

For Dad:

Vosges Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix $ the best daughter/son ever and make him the pancakes too!

For Mom:

Etsy Print $18, Great for a home office or the kitchen...I don't understand why more people don't give art for gifts

For Brother:

First Season of Dexter on DVD $17.49 on Amazon

For Sister:

Scented Gummy Earbuds $18.... because who doesn't need those?

For BFF:

Anthropologie Gold Pinnate Necklace $28

For Me (hi Mom):

Stackable Lunch Pot $22...Oh the culinary possibilities!