Nothing Compares 2 U Saved by the 90’s at the Canal Room NYC

Bets on how many 90’s references I can make in one blog post?

"All I Wanna Do" is rock out with the Bayside Tigers every Friday

"All I Wanna Do" is rock out with the Bayside Tigers every Friday at the Canal Room

I have a few great loves in my life: my family and friends, NYC, Seth Rogen, and the 90’s. As a child of the 90’s I got to experience what past generations could only dream about: tamagotchis, AIM, slap bracelets, Prince William in his single years, beanie babies, and of course, the musical stylings of Sugar Ray, N*SYNC, Britney Spears (pre-head shave), Alannis Morrisette, and the Counting Crows (pre-Shrek 2).

As my entrance into the real world is approaching at a velocity rivaling that of the speed of light, I find myself reminiscing on the simpler days. When the biggest scandal in Washington was a sordid encounter with a navy blue dress-wearing intern in the Oval Office, and my daily schedule included obligations such as watching the Power Rangers and snack-time (If anyone disagrees that Dunkaroos were not the best snack-time snack of all time you can leave now).

If you also suffer from 90s withdrawal, symptoms include daily Clarissa Explains it All references and an unhealthy obsession with Freddie Prinze Jr, I have the cure-all. Saved by the 90’s with the Bayside Tigers at the Canal Room.

VIDEO: Bayside Tigers NYC

For $15, channel your inner-tween and have a freaking blast with The Bayside Tigers. They are seriously the best 90’s cover band I have ever encountered. You better be ready for a party. The Canal Room on West Broadway and, you guessed it, Canal St, is a very intimate concert venue, and with the Bayside Tigers playing, I would have it no other way.

Two Fridays ago, a few of my friends and I went to see them. Coming out around 11:30 (in neon windbreakers and all), the band opened with the Saved by the Bell theme song, and proceeded to bring down the house for the next THREE hours playing 90’s hit after 90’s hit like No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”, an amazing rendition of Alannis Morissette’s “Ironic”, Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, and yes, even BSB’s “I Want it That Way”. Everyone in the band is extraordinarily talented, and you can tell they absolutely love what they do. *NOTE TO SELF* new career path: learn guitar, get singing lessons, join 90’s cover band, be awesome. After they show they came out for a meet and greet with the audience.

You can order tickets online or you can wait in line at the door and get some tickets before the show. Starting in April they’ll be playing every Friday at the Canal Room! My only suggestion is if you want some liquid courage before you break out your Macarena skills (don’t even try to deny you forgot that dance), do it at the bars around the area. One Red Bull Vodka at the Canal Room is the same price as the actual ticket.

Bottom Line: The Bayside Tigers show was one of my favorite nights out in NYC so far. And for as much as about 1.5 drinks at a bar, the price won’t “Sabotage” your bank account.

My apologies for the lack of pictures, I was far too busy channeling my inner-Gwen Stefani to snap a few shots.


Indecision 2011: Netflix v. Amazon Instant Video

And you thought the Dems vs. GOP debate was bad....

Ah the great debate: Netflix v. Amazon Instant Video. Now, with all the crap Netflix has been getting (some of it VERY well deserved), you may think I will automatically side with Amazon Instant Video. Wrong. Each service has its pros and cons, so I think I’ll let you decide this one…

Netflix Pros: It has a much larger selection than Amazon Instant Video, it is very easy to use, Instant Queue>Amazon’s Wishlist

Netflix Cons: More expensive than Amazon Prime at $7.99/month or $95.88/year, I have had some streaming issues, the site has crashed on occasion, and you can’t buy/rent a new movie directly from the site.

Amazon Instant Video Pros: With a student-discount Amazon Prime account video streaming and free shipping is only $39/year (FYI: You can sign up for a free student Prime account that just includes free 2-day shipping for one year), it has many of the same titles as Netflix, you can rent newer titles online instantly

Amazon Instant Video Cons: It USED to be included in the free student Prime account (I’m not bitter I promise…), I can’t stand the look of it and find it difficult to use, the suggested movies/shows section just doesn’t make the cut compared to Netflix’s.

I personally prefer Netflix because of their selection (oh hi Twin Peaks) and user-friendly system, but if you just want an instant video service for occasional use, I’d go with Amazon Instant.

Guest Post: Friday Night Dilemma? SOLVED!

Friday nights and I have a very tumultuous relationship. On one hand, I desperately want to go out, paint the town and celebrate the end of the work week. On the other hand, my bank account desperately wants me to stay in, watch basic cable (yay Fordham Cablevision), and keep the spending to a minimum. Friday nights in the city are a blast, but are much more expensive than going out almost every other night of the week (except Saturday). Luckily, my classmate (and fellow blogger) Shaina has found a wonderfully entertaining and economical solution to the Friday Night Dilemma. Here is what she had to say about it!

Every student needs a night off to just relax and have a great time. But, sometimes the difference between having a fabulous night and just having another night on campus is money. I found a solution to that problem: burgers and karaoke! Don’t worry, this night will only cost you about $25.

The Burgers: Mark

What: A place where the burgers are heaven and the ambiance is perfection.

Where: 33 Saint Marks Place btw 2nd and 3rd Aves

Price: $21.75 total!

Marks Burgers: Where the caloric content is the only number you need to worry about

I first stumbled upon this place when my boyfriend and I were down in the village just hanging out and walking around. We were looking for something fun to do but we didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. So we went in and out of different restaurants on Saint Marks Place and most of them were over what we wanted to spend. We finally got to Mark and the place was pretty small but it looked expensive too. But, when we looked at the price of the burgers, we were pleased. We each had two burgers and French fries and our bill came up to $21.75.

Karaoke is a great and affordable entertainment solution for the college student

Karaoke: U2 Karaoke

What: A place where the music is loud and the fun is abundant.

Where: 6 Saint Marks Place btw 2nd and 3rd Aves

Price: $8/hour per person

There must be a law that requires all Karaoke bars to have LED if we could only get a mandatory smoke machine law on the books

Experience: Since my boyfriend and I had extra money left over for dinner, we decided that we should do something else. I always loved karaoke and when we were walking around to find a restaurant, we passed a place called U2. I had never been there before. We decided to go and it turns out, that it was only $8 per person. That was another great bargain for the night. We had so much fun. They have private rooms and performance lighting. It was the finish to a great AND affordable night!

**A BIG thanks to Shaina for the great post and recommendations!

Frugal Food: Festivals

If you’re not careful, dining out in college is a surefire way to blow your weekly budget.  But who has the time/will/culinary skills to cook at home EVERY night? We’ll get to cheap, creative recipes soon, but if you’re like me and enjoy letting someone else do the cooking, sit and stay awhile.  I LOVE trying new restaurants and foods and ADORE saving money in the process (obviously). So where can you get outstanding food for cheap? Food fesitvals of course! Whether you’re in smalltown America or taking a bite out of the Big Apple, food festivals are a great way to grab some local grub and find out more about your community.  Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Ferragosto Festival on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.  Sometimes referred to as the “Real Little Italy” of NYC, Arthur Avenue is lined with fantastic Italian restaurants, bakeries, butcher shops, delis and even a homemade pasta shop.  Enough with the tour guide schpeal, let’s get to the food! My family came down to celebrate and we ate our fill of homemmade mozarella, sausage and peppers, calamari and gelato. All for less than what we would spend at our local greasy spoon.  Here were a few of my Ferragosto favorites:

teitel bros. cheese wheels

cahill’s sausage and peppers from vincent’s meat market ($8)

peaches and wine ($5)

vincent’s grilling up their fresh sausages

my steak, peppers and onions sandwich with diet coke ($8)

A doo-wop group (they were great!)

A Few Frugal Festival Tips:

~Browse community websites, newspapers, event sites and social networks to find out about food festivals in your area.

~When manuevering your way through a food festival, it’s best to do a walk through or two before deciding what you want. If you simply start at the beginning you may miss out on some great finds.

~STICK TO A BUDGET! If you budgeted for ten dollars, only bring ten in cash that way you can’t spend anymore than you wanted to.  Also, most festivals only accept greenbacks.

~Once the money’s gone, enjoy the free entertainment rather than browsing the stands, you’ll be less likely to make unnecessary purchases.