Makeup Markups and Drugstore Favorites

A designer makeup compact can cost an arm and a leg….or at least a night out on the town, and as a college student I’m not willing to sacrifice my social life for a tube of lipstick. In high school when I had a part-time job and my only big expense was gas for my car, I could afford to buy the “good” stuff. Chanel eyeliner, MAC eyeshadow and Yves Saint Laurent Mascara were essentials in my makeup bag. That isn’t the case now. I am a drugstore convert. Here are a few of my makeup case necessities:

1. Eyeliner

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Eyeliner in Black...I like to use this for nights out

Almay Pencil Eyeliner in Dark Brown...This is my go-to, everyday eyeliner. It stays on all day and there is no sharpening required!

2. Foundation/Powder

Maybelline's Fit Me Pressed Powder...Lightweight, it is a great everyday powder

3. Eyeshadow

Maybelline's Expert Eye Shadow Quad

5. Moisturizer

CVS Night cream (I actually use this during that day because my skin gets so dry in the winter)

6. Lips

Tinted Nivea Lip Care (If you're not a big lipstick/lipgloss person this is a great option!)

**HELP**: I still have yet to find a great mascara to replace my beloved Yves Saint Laurent. For some strange reason I seem to be allergic to all Covergirl Mascara, and I have tried many Maybelline mascaras including Lash Stiletto, Great Lash and others and I’m not a fan. Anyone have a great, clump-free lengthening mascara that I can get at Walgreens or CVS? Also, I’m almost finished with my moisturizer so does anyone have any suggestions for a new (preferably with SPF) moisturizer? Let me know!


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