Weekend Snapshot


$3 Coronas, Thousands of Karaoke songs and odd Karaoke Bar snacks=a great Saturday night!

Karaoke in K-town: $28 bucks for four hours! Any guesses on what I sang?


3 comments on “Weekend Snapshot

  1. Nick says:

    I am not ashamed to say that I love karaoke.

  2. Is this Nick as in Professor Nick? And you love karaoke, do you? Well, isn’t that special. That is the beautiful thing about video and audio tape. The melodic sounds of Professor Nick will live forever in the annals of karaoke history.

    When The Mad Blogger is feeling blue, he pops in his CD, sits back, and relaxes to the smooth sounds of Professor Nick singing California Girls.

    “They either can’t, or they can’t.”

    The Mad Blogger has spoken.

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