Weekend Chronicles

Each weekend I find myself trying to figure out what to do without spending an arm and a leg. Although living in the big apple provides me with seemingly endless weekend options, a budget and no car limits my options. For the past few years, my weekends often consisted of hanging around Fordham, perhaps grabbing a bite on Arthur Ave and watching way too many romcoms.  If I was feeling crazy maybe a trip into the city for some shopping and lunch on the Upper West Side. But this weekend was different. I caught cabin fever and just needed to get out and see something new. So at 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon my friend and I decided to hop on the bus and head to City Island. We grabbed lunch, browsed the shops and adorable craft festival and semi-trespassed to catch a glimpse of the City Island movie house. The total price of this “daycation”? A whopping $14.50. Here’s the breakdown:

roundtrip bus fare with transfers ($4.50)

lunch at aggie’s roll ($10) how adorable is this place?

delicious fish taco ($8) with homemade ginger ale ($2)

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the house from the City Island or the craft fair (I’m not exactly the picture-taking type although that’s going to have to change) but I can assure you it was a fantastically frugal little getaway.


7 comments on “Weekend Chronicles

  1. Carlotta says:

    I’m not a broke college student, actually I’m not a college student at all, I’m not even american, but I love reading what you write!

  2. ynitadw says:

    How long was the bus ride to City Island? It sounds like fun, will have to visit there soon.

  3. Nick says:

    Haven’t been to City Island in a while. You’ve inspired me to trek out there this weekend with the family! Nice work! 🙂

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